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The Short Way In is an original program from Thomas-Firestone Productions.  It was created by indy film makers Art Thomas, and Jon Firestone of Denver Colorado, as a way to showcase the projects and people behind this industry and to help educate up and coming film makers with information from the pros so that they too can be successful in the film and TV biz.

Jon Firestone,  co-founded Firestone Studios and developed and taught the 3D graphics program at the Colorado Film School. He has a background in 3D graphics and compositing.  For the past 4 years he has been working with HiDef, and was an early adopter of the technology, owning a Sony HDCam camera for several years, and being an early adopter of HDV.  Firestone produced the feature Stained Glass Windows, and the short  To Build a Fire based on Jack London's short story this last year.   Jon regularly works as a freelance Director of Photography, Gaffer and Visual FX Supervisor.  

Jon Firestone of
Thomas-Firestone Productions

Recently he worked on the feature The Shadow Walkers from Mostly Films and Shoreline Entertainment as the Second Unit Director of Photography and then later as the Visual FX Supervisorr.  He's produced several shorts including Gentlemen, Mouse Pimps and The Illusionist.  He has also produced commercials and projects for The Watch Your Car program, Alive at 25 and Homeland Security.  His clients include, The Colorado Criminal Justice Department, Starz Encore, Subway,  CoLours TV  and Remax.

Art Thomas, a co-founder of Denver Entertainment Group, is also vice president of program development and acquisition for CoLours TV, which airs on the DISH satellite television network. He has a masterís degree in International Marketing from Notre Dame de Namur University, International Certification from Metro State College. He has traveled and worked in 25 countries. Most recently, SoNew Productions, (www.sonew.tv), invited Thomas to the 2004 Cannes Film Festival to promote their documentary film, Earthlings. Afterward, he went to England to work on his first international collaboration with ACF Productions.

Art Thomas of
Thomas-Firestone Productions

In addition to his work on The Champagne Chef Show, which will air on CoLours TV (www.champagnechef.com,) other credits include, Bed of Dreams, which he co-produced with Annie Schlax. Other film projects including 50/50, Bed of Dreams, and Fit-Hop, starring Van Prueitt, co-founder of Denver Entertainment Group, have been featured in several film festivals including The Alaska International Film Festival and Motor City International Film Festival. Fit-Hop is currently airing on Caribbean television. 

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