The Short Way In Coming Soon:

Episode One of the Short Way In will begin airing on Colours TV soon.  Look forward to segments including a segment about the new film Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm School, out in theaters March 31st.  This film started as an AFI student short film and was eventually incorporated into the feature film over a decade later.  It features a great cast, and we have interview segments with Robert Caryle, Marisa Tomei and Director Randall Miller.  We also feature a documentary about indy film makers trying to get a script to Johnny Depp. 

We talk to Director Haylar Garcia about this project and show the first scene, which is actually the first scene of that same script.  Emmy Award winning composer Wes Boatman, and CEO of Shoreline Entertainment, Morris Ruskin join us with advice to Indy Film makers.  And we have a Tech segment about HDV, a brief overview of this new technology.